June 26, 2017

Commercial B2B Debt Collection


You’ll Get the Maximum Recovery From Each of Your Accounts Placed

Our focus will be on tailoring a plan to get the best result from each account you place with us. To maximize your recovery, we will assign a collection team that has expertise in your industry.  We have over four decades of B2B collection experience representing manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and service providers.

Your Customer Relationships Will Be Maintained with Great Care

When communicating with your customers, we’ll maintain the highest level of professionalism to protect your business relationships. During the collection process, we’ll treat your customers in a way that won’t deter them from doing business with you in the future, should that be your desire.

Our Transparency Makes Your Job Easier

Our secure online reporting platform is available 24/7 to give you the visibility you need on your account. The Team 1 One Management Group Dashboard gives you a real-time view of your account activity and streamlined reports that let you conveniently view all your file information, collector notes, payment and remittance reports. The dashboard also gives you the ability to directly communicate with the collector handling your file.

Your Interactions with Our Staff Will Be Friendly & Efficient

Our B2B team has a wealth of experience in commercial collections. All our collectors go through rigorous training and have earned industry certifications. Most of our collectors have been with us for over ten years.

All Information Will Be Kept Secure

Keeping your information secure is our top priority. We have implemented all the latest information technology to safeguard all data. Our systems and procedures are routinely audited by banks, insurance companies and our clients. Many Fortune 500 companies select us as their collection agency only after doing their due diligence regarding information security and compliance.

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