January 11, 2016


B2B Collection Services

Whether you have a single invoice that needs to be collected, or you have a basket of bad debts, we’ll get your money back. For over 45 years our firm has helped businesses recover monies owed to them by other businesses.

Having Difficulty Getting a Customer to Pay You?

There’s nothing more infuriating than providing high quality goods or services to a business who refuses to pay you. On top of not getting your money, you must deal with the emotions that come along with being taken advantage of by someone you trusted. We’ll get your money back and reduce your stress by handling all aspects of collecting in a professional manner.

Looking for a 3rd Party Commercial Collection Agency that can Professionally Handle Your Past Due Receivables?

When a business has thousands of customers it’s inevitable that some of your customers won’t pay their bills on time and some won’t pay at all. In addition to getting your money back it’s important that all your collections are handled professionally, timely, and securely.

Team 1 One Management Group delivers state of the art accounts receivables and billing solutions backed by veteran recruiters, competitive pricing and strong guarantees. We use proven techniques to collect the maximum amount from your accounts receivable, while growing your bottom line.

Our accounts receivable experts will work with you to understand your unique needs and create a customized cash flow solution for your business.

Our philosophy for success, along with our passion, is to offer exceptional service, extraordinary talent, and always produce guaranteed solutions.

Custom Programs, Excellent Results

Team 1 One Management Group can create an accounts receivable management first party outsourcing program based on your business needs. Our system includes inbound and outbound calling that never loses sight of your priorities and maintains a positive image of your brand. Plus, we’ll assist with:

  • Implementing cost-effective controls that positively affect your bottom line
  • Handling dispute resolutions in a way that protects the integrity of your company
  • Carrying out first-party collections using strategies that are tested and proven

The result? Excellent business-to-business relations that improve your critical cash flow, reduce DSO and allow for faster accounts receivable turnover.

Turn your delinquencies into cash flow today! Call for a complimentary assessment at 1-832-802-4014 or email us today.